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Farm To Table Made Incredibly Easy

With Waller Ranch we make it easier than ever to buy high quality farm to table meat. Other companies may advertise as such but then outsource their animals from another ranch. We raise our own animals for slaughter so we can control every step of the process. 

Cow/Pig Raised on Pasture > Finished on Grain > Butchered & Packaged > Delivered/Local Pickup

How Much Meat & How do i figure out the cost? 

- Ranchers and farmers use three weights when talking about butchering animals. The first is the hoof weight or live weight, this is how much the cow/pig weighs before slaughter. The next weight is the hanging weight, this is taken as soon as the cow arrives at the butcher shop; this is the weight use for what you pay. The last weight is the retail/packaged weight. This is the weight of the meat after it has been cut and wrapped. 

An industry standard for cattle is to take 60% of the live weight to get the hanging weight and then 60% of the hanging weight to get the packaged weight. 

An example of a 1200 lb steer would yield a 720lb hanging weight and result in 430lb of retail cuts. 

What do we include? 

- Everything! the price you pay with us is the final price, some other places will seperate there charges to make it seem like you are getting a better deal. We include butcher fee, slaughter fee and delivery. Our butcher vacuum seal the meat which will keep it fresh in the freezer for longer. Please note if you go with your own butcher the price may differ depending on their cut and wrap price.

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